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roster | miami | STOP you there, wow too much!!! new york to follow!!!

ok where to begin… well might as well talk (complain) about my roster for this month. hey dont look at me like that! As cabin crew, when not flying complaining about our job is what we do best!  so to give you a little more insight on my roster for the month ahead have a look at the pic below.


yes you read correctly, i am on reserve!!! 😥 which means airport stanby, or XXR’s!!! xxr being day off, hence the use of the 3 !!! Anyways before I get distracted again, let me explain how our reserve work.. Once every 7 months or so you are given a reserve roster. For that whole month you are on call and at the mercy of scheduling or duty control aka “the powers that be”

tell you what though. having already finish my first duty of airport standby this morning, I cant begin to explain the rush of cold air that enters the room every time that phone rings. Will they be calling out your name and staff number? who is to be evicted next? your heart stops as your senses heighten and ears twitch to hear whose name got called. Quite fun actually, well only when your name isn’t the one called… hehe

last week both me and clauderequa had some time off and decided to venture off to Miami! WHY NOT?? followed by new york..
Ok so we both returned home from our stint in Paris around 2 am.  Repacked my bag and went to bed around 0330 after having a brief chat with david on the phone. Let me tell you about david, he is one of those friends who gets those 4am drunk calls coming live from zinc! but he loves it! ok back to the story… so slept about 2 hours, and woke up from my phone ringing. I answer and hear clauderics voice “are you ready??” immediately in my mind i got a mental slap from him as he could tell by the sound of my voice i was fast asleep.. So he came over and judged me severely as i throwing clothes in my bag and running around my room like a headless chicken. had a shower then ran off to the airport..

16 or so hours later we arrive in HOUSTON!! hmm well what to say, everything is bigger in texas including the average denim size.. we waited about 1 hour for our connecting flight. eventually our AMERICAN AIRLINES 737 turned up.. hmm what to say, what to say… their service routine was quite interesting, actually let me rephrase that last sentence. The “what the hell do you want to drink” routine was quite interesting. As they were walking up and down taking orders like in some diner.. however casual I quite enjoyed the entertainment they provided.

clauderic barely surviving after that 15hour flight!

Once in Miami, all Clauderic and I did was shop shop shop and shop!! We also went out and got blind drunk at some club, but that story is not for here. I don’t know if there are any children reading this blog! So let me rewind and tell you about our first morning in Miami. Clauderic decides to take us to Ihop! International House of Pancakes.. Hmm and what good pancakes they were indeed. They were so delicious and average about 1000 calories per bite. Refer to said breakfast below in the photo 😉

our healthy ihop breakfast!

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