cabin crew & relationships..

ok hold on... can those two words even exist in pure harmony together in the same sentence? maybe, yes, no or hell no!!?

Dating someone while working as cabin crew for an international airline can be hard work, or dare I say it “impossible”
The term being supporting someone & “being there” takes on a whole new role! What if your other half wakes up  at 3am with a 40degree fever accompanied by severe vomiting? Who is there to take care of them, hold their hand and sit next to them while their kissing the porcelain rim?? Well definitely not you if your 1000’s of kilometers away sitting next to a swimming pool sipping on some exotic cocktail… (c’mon we do work hard and need our escape)

So what do we do in that situation?? Yes there is always the endless phone calls and skype conversations..  And dont forget the  *baby I love you xox* sms’s prior to every take of that you sneak in last minute in the lavatory before rushing to your jumpseat before take off! the list goes on…. but is this enough to keep your other half happy? maybe, or maybe not.

Lets go back to the beginning to try and see how this actually works… and the chemistry behind it

You meet person A, lets refer to them as A… 😉 Everything goes fine on the first date, you tell them your job and they seem ok with it.. Your happy you finally met someone who accepts & respects your career choice! (but for how long?)
You spend every waking second with A after every flight because you want to see them, which is normal. But after a few months you realise that you need sleep! As you cant tell up from down, black from white, day of the week or even day from night.. So yes, things are not in the honeymoon period anymore and you dont see A as much as you used to because you need time out, or  just to be alone in your room to sleep for about 14hours 😉

So A starts getting upset because your not spending as much time with them like you used to..? WHAT TO DO? nothing really, you need your sleep! But do they understand it? They say they do, but do they honestly really understand?

After the first few months of being up there in the sky, my mind starting slipping on the memory side and to be honest my rational thinking wasn’t as rational as it was before. I guess that comes with the territory, so make sure you play brain training on DS to keep your brain working! anyways back to my novel..

i guess there is no need to continue…because for the majority or some of you reading this, you would know how it ends…
if we continue to be cabin crew will we grow old alone and live in a apartment full of cats?? or whats the deal? will you find someone who would honestly be there for you and wait for you while you fly all over the place till you return home?

I’ll leave the answer up to you peeps… 😉



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