moving riiight along!!

i have had 6days off in a row… 3 down and  3 more to go.. If majority of the other EK crew were to find out there would be  a witch hunt looking for me… PLUS the fact that i didnt go anywhere would add a reward for my capture.

its a rarity to be blessed with such a good amount of days off.. but why is it that the times when I need to be in dubai im stuck all the way down the road in Auckland. And the times I need to be away from dubai, im stuck right in the middle of the desert known as Al Nahda..

ohhh on a bit of exciting news.. 😉 9 more days till my 1 year anniversary here in dub dubs.. And its been over a month of me flying on the A380… Its such an amazing aircraft! And I am really happy I have done the switch, the crew so far are great and especially the seniors. I find them more efficient and productive, and truly encourage team work among us. But your flying to the same destinations I hear you say??  Well…ummm so what! its pretty cool going to the same place, Its like your second home. I have my own routine in Sydney/Auckland & Bangkok. The other places im still trying to figure out what’s going on…

for those of u PEEPS who have no idea what our A380 looks like.. here is a sneaky peaky…. HOWEVAH!! PSS with stress on that last S.. I didnt take any of these photos myself. these were taken from the EK website and other peoples site..


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