im geri halliwell cool for reading books! are you geri halliwell cool??

i enjoy reading… only the last month or so I started reading.
i can’t believe what I have missed out on. its a great way to get out of reality and completely disappear into this world that you create yourself, however your body still remains in the one place… its a great way to get out of the sandy environment which is dubai..

the other day in Auckland I found myself sitting at the pool finishing my book.. (The Lovely Bones) I was so deep into this book I  ended up reading over 300 pages without putting it down. After I finished the book I slowly found myself returning to my body, returning to the sun beaming down at me, the sound of water splashing in the pool around me and the noise of kids in the distance screaming and laughing around the pool.. as I was slowly returning to reality and using my own legs and body to move around I realized that my legs, neck and arms were completely sunburnt! OUCH!!! had no idea the sun was that harsh in New Zealand.. That afternoon on the crew bus heading towards the airport my mind was somewhere else, looking for another book to read. to run away into, and to completely disappear… The flight back to Sydney was busy as always and the passengers a real treat.

It has almost been one year since me arriving in dubai.. have I enjoyed it? Yes I have, would you stay another year? Most likely will. There is so much more in this world I want to discover, see and experience. With a guilty concious I have been negleting my blog.. There are many reasons for this, the main reason being I lost my copy of Adobe Photoshop and I like to make things look good and entertaining.. Without it I was not able to edit my drawings and photos the way I liked. And my moto sometimes can be if I cant make it look 110% why bother at all.. Guess thats me being stubborn and being a Taurean in the same breath..

I have bought two new books today.. The Time Travellers Wife & The lightning thief… Im currently reading the lighting thief… it was easy to get into and disappear into this strange world.. living in another country, having super powers and not knowing about them..

I am stuck in Dubai for 6 days, due to my recent stint in Paris earlier this month.. I was stuck there for 5 days!!! well sick of course and not being able to leave the hotel.. 😦 Due to that they removed my Bangkok trip and gave me 6 days in Dubai to meet my legal requirement of days off.. Those 6day Sydney Auckland trips are a bit tiring…

Im going to Paris end of the month with Clauderic which im quite excited about! And to top it all off were heading to Cape Town for a few days.. A definate trip report will follow… plus a few additional visits to the gym as I always eat up a feast when im home in CPTOWN….

Take care fools



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